Many times people wonder if you have to believe in Buddhism to practice qigong. Or they worry that practicing qigong is contrary to their own religious beliefs.  The fact is that qigong is not at all dependent on any particular set of beliefs. 

However, one of the most important keys to the effective practice of qigong is to call upon a power greater than yourself to support you in your healing efforts. So, many times you will hear a practice group leader or a qigong master suggest that you call upon your master's energy to help you. 

Your master may be anyone for whom you have great respect. For example, I was raised a Christian, so when I call upon my master's energy to help me with my practice or my healing, I call upon Jesus. But many others call upon Buddha, Lao Tzu, Allah, God, The Universe, or even someone in their life who has been a mentor to them, or who has given them wise council, such as a beloved grandparent.

When we call upon our master's energy, we do it with great respect, thanking them for all the unconditional love, healing energy, kindness, and guidance they have sent to us throughout our lives. Then we ask them to send even more love and healing energy to help us with whatever particular issue we are dealing with at the time.